Update from CATA President Regarding the 2020 Spring Congress Meeting

Hi Everyone,

               I am sad to report to you (if you have not already heard) that the Federation of the Humanities Congress 2020 has been cancelled in its face to face version. The Congress organizers are attempting to put together a virtual conference for associations that are able to move forward in that mode of delivery. As an association CATA has decided to opt out of a virtual congress. There are many logistical issues involved in organizing and hosting a virtual gathering and the truth is, in these times when most of us are already trying to figure out how to deal with the various challenges of adjusting to our current reality, the demands of hosting a virtual conference seem like a significant commitment that we are not prepared to make.

               That said, we are making tentative plans for our regular fall conference (probably in late October/November in the Southern Ontario region) and we want to invite all presentations that were accepted for our Spring conference to consider presenting at the fall gathering. Your papers will be automatically accepted and if you are not able to attend in person we will plan to arrange for you to present in a virtual format. We will be in touch with further details.

               Again, we are sorry for this development. Please let me know if you have any questions. We are grateful for your interest in CATA and hope that you will remain with us as we move ahead as a society. Thanks so much.