Next Spring Congress Meeting

The Spring Conference of CATA (the Canadian American Theological Association) is at hand! As usual, it is held in conjunction with Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. This year, as was the case last year, it will be online and will be accessible to you, whatever your location. You will not need to travel in order to participate! To register, log into and follow the steps. Please contact or Congress if you have any issues.

We are convening on Sunday 15 May at 11:00 a.m. EST. We will start with a welcome and a panel from past CATA presidents including J. Richard Middleton, Gus Konkel and Lee Beach. They will address where we have been and where we are going as a society. Circumstances have come together to create a liminal time and space for CATA to speak into the evangelical church and culture of North America from a global orientation. 

We will have a plenary business session at 2:00 p.m. ETS in which we will present the executive committee, the budget and the status of the CATA journal, and allow time for Q & A. 

The papers attempt to represent the diversity that we affirm. The schedule for the conference is below or can be found here.


PLENARY SESSION: 11:00 – 11:25 EST: Welcome, Past President’s Panel, Prayer

Past Presidents: J. Richard Middleton, August Konkel, Lee Beach


Parallel Session One—11:30–1:00 EST: Bible & Christian Thought (Chair- Dustin Burlet)

11:30- Jonathan Tysick (Wycliffe College, University of Toronto) “The One Percent: Attitudes toward “οἱ πλούσιοι [the rich]” in James and the Pastoral Epistles”

12:00- Christo El Morr (York University) “Behind the Irrational Reactions to the Pandemic: Anomy, Authoritarianism, and Exploitation”

12:30- Ken Radant (Carey Theological College) “Administrative Spiritual Warfare?”

Parallel Session Two: 11:30–1:00 EST: New Testament (Chair- Cynthia Long Westfall)

11:30- Jen Gilbertson (Eston College) “Daughter: A Narrative Reading of the Suffering Woman in Mark 5:21–43”

12:00- Nathan Nadeau (McMaster Divinity College) “Eleusinian Mysteries, Eucharistic Myths: Problems for the Psychedelic Reconstruction of Early Christianity.”

12:30- Esther G. Cen (Seattle Pacific University) “Mentoring from a Distance: Analyzing Paul’s Mentoring Act as Embodied in 1 Timothy”

LUNCH BREAK- 1:00–2:00 EST

PLENARY SESSION- 2:00 -2:25 EST: CATA Business Session


Parallel Session One- 2:30–4:00 EST: History and Theology (Chair- Lee Beach)

2:30- Jonathan N. Cleland (Knox College, University of Toronto) “Toward a Post-Aulén Methodology for Reformation Studies: Expanding the Objective Theory of the Atonement beyond Anselm”

3:00- Michael Anderson (Knox College) “Getting Hold of Slippery Term: Catholicity in Contemporary Protestant Perspective” 

3:30- Peter Schuurman (Redeemer University and Global Scholars Canada) “A Time to Tear Down: Canadians Deconstructing Faith as Faithful Practise”

Parallel Session Two- 2:30–4:00 EST: New Testament (Chair- Jamin Hubner)

2:30- Caroline Schleier Cutler (McMaster Divinity College) “Of Elder Wands and Blundering Disciples: Reading Mark 10:32–45 with the Harry Potter Audience.”

3:00- Chris Loewen (Providence Theological Seminary) “Origin, Development and History of Gehenna”

3:30- Hannah Young (McMaster Divinity College) “Cohesion and Repetition in Luke 9:51–10:42”

Parallel Session Three- 2:30–4:00 EST: Old Testament/Old Testament in the New Testament (Chair- August Konkel)

2:30- Xenia Ling-Yee Chan (Wycliffe College, Toronto School of Theology) “Black Jeremiads: Maria W. Miller Stewart’s Jeremiah Appropriation for Liberation”

3:00- Dustin Guy Burlet (Millar Bible College) “Beyond the Disaster: Judgment and Salvation within the Noachian deluge Narrative (Gen 6–9)”

3:30- Jihyung Kim (McMaster Divinity College) “The Role of Memory in the Hebrews’ Quotation of the Old Testament”