The Canadian-American Theological Review (CATR) is the primary academic publication of the Canadian-American Theological Association (CATA), intended to facilitate conversation on matters of theology, Scripture, and culture. Published twice annually, the journal includes contributions from leading theological and biblical scholars from around the world. CATR is blind peer-reviewed, digitally indexed, and licensed by the American Theological Library Association (ATLA). Free full-text copies of the journal are available to members on this website. For further information, please contact Christopher Zoccali, the general editor.

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In 1991, the Canadian Evangelical Theological Association (CETA) launched a newsletter, which later developed into an academic journal, the Canadian Evangelical Review. Along with the CETA annual meetings, the Canadian Evangelical Review has provided an important forum for scholarly contributions from Canadian theologians and others in the evangelical tradition that would speak to a general theologically-educated audience on matters of interest and concern to the church.

Beginning in 2012 the CETA executive changed the name of the journal to the Canadian Theological Review and made it into a peer-reviewed journal with an editorial board, under the editorial guidance of Kent Clarke (New Testament professor at Trinity Western University). Although the Canadian Evangelical Review was never intended to be limited to evangelical points of view, the name perhaps communicated an unduly narrow focus. The new name signaled the Association’s desire to engage a broad range of theological discourse in order to ensure that evangelical views are thoughtfully weighed and evaluated in conversation with others from different traditions.

In 2017, in conformity to CETA name-change to CATA, the Canadian Theological Review became The Canadian-American Theological Review. A subscription to the journal is included in CATA membership.